Monday, July 10, 2017

Gift #617- Old Friends

Look who I ran into at a change of command a few days ago!  Steve and Sandy Brown.  Sandy was the daughter of the pastor at the church where I grew up (Grace Baptist Church).  I loved her and her family so much.  The ministry of her family shaped my childhood and my life.  It had been almost 30 years since our paths had crossed.  Steve is a Navy Chaplain.  We had been stationed at many of the same places, but not at the same time.  Sandy had two boys first- just like me.  Her second son is Joshua- just like my Josh.  Her third and fourth are boy and girl twins- just like mine!  Her fifth was adopted from Asia- just like mine!  She has rabbits and chickens- just like me!  (Except hers don't live on her porch).  She has lived in Iwakuni and VA and South Carolina. We never imagined that at a change of command on a sticky July night in Beaufort, SC we would meet once again.  I smiled all the way home!

Gift #616- Passport Kids Camp

It looks like they are having fun!  See you in a few days Sam and Macy!

Gift #615- BCoB Youth Group

I love these BCoB Kids!
Passport Summer Camp 2017

Gift #614- VMFA-312's CO

 March 2017

Congratulations Hank on a job VERY well done.  You should be so very proud of yourself.  I sure am.  Thanks for taking me along with you on this crazy ride.  It has been a fantastic adventure.  

Thanks Thomas family (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins for shaping Hank into the man that he is today. He is a good one!
Thanks for being there for him on this very special occasion and for his whole life! 

Gift #613- Being 7 years old!

Happy Birthday Bo!  7 years old!  We love you!

Gift #612- Cousins!

Cousins who were patient with their littlest cousins and their dog cousin!  We had so much fun with you Ella and Riley!  When are you coming back?

Gift #611- A Dad Like This

This was Father's day.  I remember in this moment thinking how grateful I am for a husband who leads by example and places a high priority on sharing his faith with his children.  
Happy Father's Day Hank.  

I am also extremely proud to be the daughter of a truly amazing father and the daughter-in-law of my husbands wonderful father!  Blessed beyond measure!

Gift #610- VBS @ BCOB

Every year I say that I am not going to teach at VBS and every year I do and every year, I am glad that I did!  We took this same picture with Phoebe and Bo last year after VBS.  Bo has grown so much!

Gift #609- Haircut Day

5 boys = a LOT of haircuts!  
But little cuties in hair-cut capes and smiles like this make it all worth it!

Gift #608- Graduation Day May 2017

Bo graduated from Kindergarten!  His class sang "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.  I cried like a baby.  Something about a little fella' in a cap and gown gets me every time.  What a wonderful world indeed!

Gift #607- Easter in South Carolina

Gift #617- Old Friends

Look who I ran into at a change of command a few days ago!  Steve and Sandy Brown.  Sandy was the daughter of the pastor at the church whe...