Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gift #312- My New 2nd Graders

I wish that I could slow down time!  It goes way too fast.  The kids had a wonderful final day of school.  We celebrated with lunch out and Baskin Robbins!  Sam said that he was a little sad to leave his teacher.  He said that he didn't cry, but that his eyes filled up.  :0)

Sam got the Most Improved Student Award in reading and the Good Sportsmanship award for always showing "fairness and compassion to others."  I love that about you Sam!

Macy got the "Wonderful Writer" award.  This was very appropriate for Macy.  She comes home each day and writes stories and poems and business letter and letters to the editor.  She is a very impressive little writer!  Great Job Macy Moo!

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