Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gift #230- Dinner at Chilis!

We had to drive 4 hours away to Sasebo to eat at Chili's, but it was worth it!  We actually didn't just go for the food.  Although that was a big part of it.  We went to check out the base and to see the surrounding sights.  We took a leisure boat cruise to see the Kujuku Islands up close.  It was a lot of fun and it felt good being out on a boat and seeing beautiful crystal clear water.  Hank is pretty sure that he would like to finish his time in the Marine Corps in Pensacola.  The boat tour yesterday helped cement that in his mind even more.  I am ok with that too!  :0)  We, of course, had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts on base and then lunch at McDonalds.  So we got our American Fast food fix.   It was a nice little overnight trip.  We hope to return during the summer to enjoy the beaches!

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