Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Gift #208- New Years Eve

Gold Rush Marathon Food

New Years Eve was always a big day at the Randall house.  My mom always made a bathtub full of Texas Trash (party mix), a pan of Nestle Golden Brownies, and a few gallons of lime sherbet punch.  She made many other treats as well, but the Texas Trash. brownies,  and punch were the staples.  Mom would set the table up with snacks inside and my dad would build a fire outside and drag out all the chairs that we could find.  We stayed up until midnight and my dad would shoot his shotgun to ring in the New Year.  As the Randall kids got older and started dating, we always made sure to come home on New Years Eve to join in on the festivities.  Our friends were always welcome.  Even after we moved away from home, my mom would send us a box of party mix in the mail on New Years Eve.  A few years ago, Jack got to shoot the first shot of the New Year.  He still has the shell to prove it!  The memories of New Years Eve at 811 Avery Street is such a gift!

No shotgun firing allowed here on base in Iwakuni!  So we will celebrate a little differently.  We are having a Gold Rush Marathon!  Gold Rush is our very favorite show!  We downloaded the current season and we will spend the evening watching TV and eating gold foods-  golden brownies, cheese fries, golden oreos, corn bread bites, golden graham squares, ginger ale, etc.  Maybe we will fire off some party poppers or sparklers at midnight.  Maybe we will just stay in where it is warm.   We can FaceTime Avery Street tomorrow and hear Papa's shotgun ringing in another New Year!

We pray that God's greatest blessings will be upon your homes and ours in 2013.
Happy New Year!

Earlier in the day, we had a block Party to celebrate the new year.  It was freezing!  But it was fun being together with our wonderful neighbors.

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