Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gift #209- Sam's New Little Friend

Sam has been begging for a hamster for 2 years now.  Hank and I have firmly resisted.  But when he told us this year that all he wanted for Christmas was a hamster and that he would love it forever, we found ourselves on a mission to find that little boy a hamster.  We read that hamsters are not super cuddly and that they are not too fond of being held.  Sam wanted a pet that he could hold and squeeze and literally name GEORGE!!!  We researched sugar gliders and found that they met Sam's criteria for "squeezeability".   We found the sugar glider at a pet store in Yanai (about an hour away) and hid the little guy in our closet for 2 weeks!  It was crazy!  We are crazy!  Completely and Certifiably Crazy!

Sam could not believe it when he unwrapped his sugar glider cage!  He could not believe that he had a pet of his very own.  Hank had already named the little guy Mojo.  But when Sam saw him, he immediately named him George.  And then he changed it to Charlie.  And yesterday he changed it to Jake.  Jack and Josh call him MC Hammer.  The poor little sugar glider must be so confused.  But seeing Sam hold Mojo George Charlie Jake MC Hammer Thomas in his little hands, makes all of the crazy worth while.  I think.  :0)

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