Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gift #210- A Japanese Opera

A few weeks ago, Hank and I had the opportunity to attend a Unicef Charity Concert featuring a famous Japanese opera singer.  She sang many recognizable pieces and finished her performance with Christmas carols.  Singing Silent Night in English together with the Japanese people singing in their own language was such a beautiful sound.

We ordered one western plate and one Japanese plate.  Both were very Japanese.  :0)  The above picture was our main course- a Sashimi Plate. Sashimi is raw meats and seafood served as a main course in a formal Japanese meal.  It is usually presented with rice and miso soup.  Hank and I tried a little taste of everything on the plate.  We didn't necessarily love any of it, but we didn't mind any of it either.  (except for the yellow tail- very fishy).  We had a great time.  It was a unique and wonderful way to begin our holiday season.

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